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therapeutic massage

Customized to meet your needs, preferences and goals - Whether they are remedial, preventative, athletic or for general wellbeing, maintenance and relaxation. Healthy muscles and soft tissues together with less stress and greater sense of well being will prevent pain and injury, enhance your quality of life and ensure your body continues to perform and adapt well with all the demands you place on it.

manual lymphatic drainage

Very light pressure is applied rhythmically to manual move and stimulate the lymph flow through your lymphatic system.  This is very good for detoxification, swelling from recent injury, lymphedema and chronic inflammation from old injuries.

zen shiatsu

We are a balance and reflection of nature and in us, as in nature, there flows the life-force. This life energy surges in us through channels called meridians and is what Shiatsu contacts with the intention of having a healing effect. For thousands of years in order to prevent and heal disease traditional healing systems have stimulated specific points on the body where the energy bubbles up to the surface to interact with the outside environment. Zen Shiatsu integrates passive range of motion, gentle stretching and acupressure to mobilize the energy, release tension and ignite the body's capability to balance and heal itself. Zen Shiatsu stimulates the body in an entirely different way than massage therapy does. The meditative nature of the treatment induces a deep state of calm, serenity and peace to harmonize and balance the body, mind and spirit and give a greater sense of self awareness. 

hot stone massage

The sense of touch and deep relaxation is elevated by adding the heat and silky texture of tumbled basalt stones to the relaxation massage experience. During the massage warm stones will also be left in place along your spine, shoulders and abdomen, on your feet, or in your hands allowing more heat to soak into and relax tense muscles.

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